Andrew Kennel

Andrew Kennel house, Andrew is at right of photo

Andrew Kennel posing with family

Andrew Kennell, Somerset County, PA

The top photo shows Andrew Jackson Kennel. The bottom photo is a family portrait taken in front of Andrew's house; Andrew and his second wife are at the right side of the picture. In the bottom photo, Andrew Kennell is posing with family.

These photos were reproduced from volume two of the 2007 book "A Look At Southampton Township Pennsylvania The Way It Used To Be!", with permission of the author. According to the book, Andrew Kennell was the son of Christian Kennell Sr. and Christian's wife Hannah (Leidig) Kennell, and was born in 1835 and died November 30, 1926. The book also notes that Andrew's house sat across the creek from where Alma Custer's house is in 2005.

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