Sherman Korns' House

Mahlon and Sherman Korns, with Mahlon Korns' house in the background

Mahlon Korns' house in the background, Bobby Shroyer on tractor

Mahlon and Sherman Korns, posing with steam tractor

Mahlon and Sherman Korns

The top picture is the house of Sherman Korns, which he built in 1940. The second picture shows Mahlon (Mal proouced "male") and Sherman Korns, with the house of Mahlon Korns in the background. The third photo shows Mahlon Korns' house in the background (Bobby Shroyer on tractor). The last photo shows Mahlon and Sherman as young men, in front of a steam tractor, possibly as part of a threshing crew. The man on the right looks like it may be Wilson Korns.

These photos were reproduced from volume two of the 2007 book "A Look At Southampton Township Pennsylvania The Way It Used To Be!", with permission of the author. According to that book, Sherman and Mahlon were children of Jacob and Margaret (Burkett) Korns, Mahlon was born October 5, 1895 and died November 11, 1976, and Sherman was born November 27, 1901 and died September 28, 198.

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