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Old cabin on William Troutman farm

I am thrilled to be able to publish these photos of the old cabin on the Troutman. farm. This is a structure that I remember from when I was a child, and I was sorry when it was lost to the degeneration of time. In the 1949 book "Genealogy of Michael Korns, Sr. of Somerset County, Pennsylvania", this farm is attributed to William Troutman, Jr. who married Christina Korns, the eighth child of Michael Korns, Sr.. In my lifetime this farm was still owned by the Troutman family, and I believe that is still the case today, in 2008.

These photos are reproduced from volume one of the 2005 book "A Look At Southampton Township Pennsylvania The Way It Used To Be!", with permission of the author. I suspect that book is wrong when it states that this farm was owned by John Wilson Korns. The cabin appears to be built from small hewn logs; see the top photo in particular. One can see from the photos that the cabin was once weather-boarded; note the vertical members over the logs that are themselves covered by horizontal weather boards.

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