Lester Korns' antique woolen coverlet

1839 Somerset County woolen coverlet

This antique woolen coverlet was owned by Lester Korns, of Southampton Township, Somerset County, PA. It is an eagles and stars pattern with an 1839 date, but no manufacturer's name. Lester showed it to me once, and had an interesting and detailed story that went with it. In general terms, he told me it was made at a local woolen mill a long time ago, and that it was made for a specific family member. He even knew who owned the sheep that provided the wool that was used in its manufacture; too bad I didn't write it all down. According to one of Lester's sons, Lester got the coverlet from his aunt Mary Lepley. Lester tried to buy it from her, but she refused, and gave it to him as a gift instead.

In 2009, my Uncle Melvin reported that Lester told him that his blanket came from the woolenmill where the tavern was; this is the "S Mill" on the 1876 Beers map of Southampton Township. That is also where Lester told his son Ken that the coverlet was manufactured. The 1839 date predates the 1873-1894 Tauber woolenmill operation on the Dennis Comp farm, and contrary to the county history books, proves that the Tauber operation was not the only woolenmill operation in Southampton Township.

For photos of coverlets made by other Somerset County manufacturers (Morgan, Metzger, Weighley, Rininger) see Donald Rininger's website " Somerset County Coverlets ". Also see Mr. Rininger's YouTube video of the Rininger woolen mill, and the machinery it contained.

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