Estalene (Korns) Dietle, a daughter of Allen and Gladys Korns.

Portrait of Estalene (Korns) Dietle
This is an index of material I am starting about my mother Estalene (Korns) Dietle, the only daughter of & Gladys (Bittner) Korns who lived to adulthood.

I will add to this as time permits. Right now this is just an article stub.

Photo & document index:

  • Allen Korns with baby daughter Estalene

  • Circa 1936 photo of Melvin and Estalene Korns sled riding

  • Allen and Estalene Korns tilling corn

  • 1950 photo of Estalene in horse drawn sleigh

  • 1950 photo of Estalene on horseback

  • Hunting picture of Estalene and her father Allen Korns

  • A 1988 photo of Roy and Estalene (Korns) Dietle

  • A 1995 photo of Estalene (Korns) Dietle and her surviving siblings

  • Estalene and her sister-in-law Dolores Korns at Kemah, Texas on May 19, 2007

  • A 2010 photo of Estalene (Korns) Dietle and her surviving siblings

  • A few cell phone pictures of Estalene (Korns) Dietle

  • Estalene with her brother Melvin in her Mercer Co. living room on Dec. 3, 2007

  • Estalene with her husband Roy Dietle, unknown date and location

  • Estalene with plants in her back yard, May 26, 2008

  • Estalene with Alvin Lee and Melvin

  • Estalene (Korns) Dietle funeral card

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