Alvin Lee Korns, youngest son of Allen & Gladys (Bittner) Korns

Portrait of Alvin Lee Korns
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Later in life he liked to be called "Al" by his friends and associates, but he was always "Alvin Lee" to us, spoken as a single word. Even though he was my uncle and about seven years older than me, when I visited the farm or he visited our Mercer County residence, he took the time to do things with me like hay tunnels and forts in the barn, a cabin for me made out of sticks and binder twine, and sleepovers with other nephews complete with raucous pillow fights. Later, during my senior year in college I stayed with him and Darlene in Somerset while I did my student teaching and helped him with remodeling tasks on the old brick house in Somerset they were then renting.

Photo index:

  • Alvin Lee as a toddler, with his father and brothers

  • Alvin Lee as a toddler, posing on a tractor

  • A 1995 photo of Alvin Lee Korns and his siblings

  • A 2010 photo of Alvin Lee Korns and his siblings

  • Alvin Lee and his second wife Una Darlene (Minnich) Korns, unknown date and location

  • Alvin Lee with Melvin and Estalene

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