Miscellaneous Allegany County, Maryland History Materials

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Second Regiment, Potomac Home Brigade, Allegany County, Maryland

South Branch wire bridge battle, 2nd Potomac Home Brigade

2nd Potomac Home Brigade info from 1882 "History of Western Maryland"

Christian Petenbrink, 2nd Potomac Home Brigade soldier

Second Regiment, Potomac Home Brigade, Maryland Volunteers

Misc. Allegany County, Maryland history materials

Mayhem on the Potomac: Evidence of early settlement in the environs of Cumberland

Photo tour of the Turkey Fort Road, which ran northwest from Fort Cumberland

The Mystery Road (1,192 KB pdf)

Barrelville, Maryland

1845 Cumberland Hose Company building, Cumberland, Maryland

Porter/Huff Cemetery, Allegany County, MD

1874 map of the Barrelville area, showing railroads and military lots

1875 Allegany County Maryland map

1860 Narrows Viaduct, Cumberland MD

Railroad-related photos from Cumberland MD

Archibald Arnold's will listed in Durbin's neglect patent

The site of the former Maryland Wood Fiber Plaster and Supply Company

Index to maps of Allegany County, MD and nearby Somerset County, PA

"Devil's Backbone", Corriganville, MD

"Indian Will's" Cove

A photo showing Cumberland and the Narrows

1810 census, Alleghany Co. District 4, including Arnold's settlement

William Logsdon's 1806 "Williams Good Luck" tract

The mining town of Pamosa, Maryland

A study of the Water Works tract near Barrellville

Photo of the Braddock Coal Company building from Paul Lohr.

Volume II of the 1966 book "Early Allegany County Records, 1788-1812"

Christopher Gist's manuscript map of Braddock's expedition

Things you were not taught about Fort Cumberland YouTube video (1 hour 9 minutes).

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Robert L. Bantz's recommended western Maryland French & Indian War reading list

William H. Lowdermilk biographical material

National Road toll house

Addenda to the book "Reconsidering Braddock's Road to Martin's"

Identifying a portion of the Turkey Foot Road across Level Ridge

An Evidence-Based Look at Nemacolin (1,073 KB pdf)

Early Korns property ownership in Allegany County, Maryland

Promotional materials: "Fort Cumberland" (Allegany County, Maryland history book)

Fort Cumberland, Maryland — two-volume history book

Volume 1 Table of Contents

Volume 2 Table of Contents

The Kindle eBook edition

About the cover artwork

Allegany County history book: Fort Cumberland

How I came to write the book

A companion to Lowdermilk's history book

Fort Cumberland: A French and Indian War fortification

Fort Cumberland and the history of Allegany County, Maryland

Fort Cumberland and the history of western Maryland

Fort Cumberland, Maryland during the Revolutionary War

Fort Cumberland and the Turkey Foot Road

Western Maryland history book: Fort Cumberland

George Washington's headquarters at Cumberland, Maryland

Settlement of the Wills Creek area


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