Thoughts of a contributor

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In this 2010 photo, Mr. Bridges is studying terrain near Salisbury, Pennsylvania.

It has been my pleasure to serve as a contributor to the “In Search of the Turkey Foot Road” project. Now I would like to express my thoughts about my friends.

Author Lannie Dietle is a leader that I don't mind following. He spent countless hours analyzing information from his and co-author Michael McKenzie's discoveries, and from many of his other sources. I followed him from the time that he spearheaded the project, until its conclusion, and I was amazed at his masterful way of crafting the book. I know that he will inspire others to search back through time and discover that they, too, can contribute to this saga.

Author Michael McKenzie is a “natural” while searching for roads and sites that are of historical significance. He is an expert at researching documents that verify how and when such places were utilized. His collaboration with Lannie Dietle has brought many forgotten pieces of history to the light of day.

Writer and Editor Nancy E. Thoerig, our “rose amidst the brambles,” has a way with words that makes her works alluring to the reader. Her works are only surpassed by her pleasant personality. She excelled in her performance as editor of the book. We should all be grateful that she is on the team.

The Honorable Harry Ringler Senior has a vast storehouse of knowledge. He can regale you with stories of his experiences while living and working in the Somerset County, Pa. area. He is an integral part of our landscape, as is the osprey that soars above the Casselman River . Harry made our quest to find the Turkey Foot Road a pleasurable experience.

I salute the many contributors that are listed in the book. They are all part of a team effort that helped bring the story to fruition.

To people who live, have lived, or have ancestral roots in the Turkey Foot Road corridor: You are part of the story. Be proud when you tell the stranger of this land, because it is part of the Great American Story.

To the Mount Savage Historical Society: Thank you for publishing the book.

                                                                                    − Francis Bridges



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