Crossties from the Wellersburg & Jennings Run Rail Road

The 2010 photos below were provided by Mike McKenzie, who wrote: ”Hunting Morrell mushrooms a few weeks ago below my parents’ house in Wellersburg, I noticed something that I had long since forgotten about. Approximately half way between Furnace and West Mineral Street there are about seven crossties that remain from the old railroad. They are lying in a wet area, and I assume that is what has preserved them. They are above the Brailer Mine junction, so this may indicate that the portion of the railroad that went to the tipple and tram Road that crosses Route 160 may have been in operation later than we thought. I seriously doubt that they are the original crossties… . They are covered with a green moss. I recall pulling one up about 30 years ago, and if my memory serves me right, we determined they were wormy chestnut.”

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