Ellerslie Pumping Station

The 1939 USDA aerial photo below is marked with what Mke McKenzie believes may be the Ellerslie pumping station. We are interested in the Ellerslie pumping station because it may tell us something about the Wellersburg pumping station. There are some large brick buildings at this Ellerslie location, and they look like turn-of-of-the century (i.e. circa 1900) structures. When Mike visited the area in 2009, he found that the actual location is posted, and he couldnít get up close to investigate. He intends to eventually follow up by asking around the area for more information. The only documented information that we have found on the Ellerslie pumping station so far (from 1907), merely indicates that it was there, and was owned by Standard Oil.

The aerial photo shows a right of way along the Mason Dixon line toward Wellersburg, and a right of way heading east from the possible Ellerslie ppumping station location. These are believed to be right of ways for gas pipelines, but we havenít found any documentation yet that proves it. As in the Wellersburg 1939 aerial photo, what we believe to be the Ellerslie pumping station site also has round sites that appear to be sites for oil storage tanks. If anyone has additional knowledge regarding the Ellerslie Pumping Station, please contact Korns.org.


L. Dietle, using information provided by Mike McKenzie.
September, 2009

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