This flintlock hammer was found in a bucket of old Lepley rifle parts and gunsmithing tools in Southampton Township, Somerset County, PA. It is a used hammer; note that it still holds a badly-worn, leather-wrapped gun flint. This indicates that it was probably removed from a flintlock that was being converted to percussion. This hammer was evidently used by someone through some hard times, because if you look closely, you will see that the flint is very small, and is held toward the front of the jaws by a wooden spacer. In the photo, it looks like the flint is broken in two, but close inspection of the actual item reveals woodgrain on the rear section, proving it to be a spacer.

The hammer is constructed from ferrous material, and has a heart-shaped cutout. The spurr is very short and rounded. The original spurr was apparently broken off, and then the remaining stub portion was rounded off to protect the user's thumb.

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