Isaac & Catherine Hardine deeds, Maryland

This is an index to Allegany County, Maryland deeds that may relate to Isaac Harden of Southampton Township, Somerset County, PA. The documents were provided by Karen Davis.

Documents 1 and 2 are Samuel Porter's certificate of survey for "Porter's Field" & his assignment to Isaac Hardine, 19 Jan. 1816, from the Maryland Hall of Records photoduplication office (Land Office (Patents) IB & GGB #H, pp 334 & 335). The property description mentions ....head of a spring that empties into a draught of Braddocks run..... south of a path leading from the said Samuel Porters dwelling house to Conrad Lauderbacks...".


    Documents 3 and 4 are Isaac Hardine's patent of "Porter's Field", 12 June 1827(Land Office (Patents) IB #F pp 491 & 492). The property description is the same as on documents 1 and 2.


    Document 5 is an 1809 survey of Porters Field from the Allegany Co., MD "Old Surveyors Records", Book A - C pg 119. The property description mentions "....from the said Samuel Porters dwelling house to Saver Harden's (or Hardins)....". Karen suspects that there is a family relationship between Saver Hardin and Isaac Hardine/Harden.


    The following image is document 5, and shows what Porter's Field looks like:

    Documents 6 and 7 are from Allegany Co., MD Liber T, Folio 405, and related to the 1837 sale of Porter's Field by Isaac Hardine and his wife. The document indicates that they are from Somerset County, PA, stating "ÖIsaac Hardine and Cathrine Hardine his wife of Somerset County PennsylvaniaÖ". This information causes Karen and I to believe that the Isaac Hardine and his wife Catharine in the deeds relates to "our" Isaac Harden of Southampton Township, Somerset County, PA.


    Frank Porterís book "The History of the Seifarth Family of Eckhart Mines, MD" has a map that he drew from memory about the old Porter settlements generally between Cumberland and Eckhart, MD. On the 1898 topographic map below, I have drawn from the information on Frank Porterís map to annotate a location between Barrelville and Cumberland. Descendant Karen Davis suspects that Chestnut Flat Run and Bear Wallow Hollow may be very near where Isaac Harden's property was located.

    Karen has copies of several deeds (see below the map) indicating that "Saver" Harden (who she suspects is related to Isaac Harden) held title to "Bear Wallow" and "Chestnut Flat". Her reason for thinking that Isaacís land was close to "Bear Wallow" and "Chestnut Flat" is because the survey above references Isaac Harden's Porter's Field land in relation to "....from the said Samuel Porters dwelling house to Saver Harden's (or Hardins)....".

    With the Help of Frank Porter's map, I was able to find Porter's Field, as shown by the next image:

    What follows is the Savel Harden deed for Chestnut Flat:

    "Deed Bk. T, Pg 126
    Indexed as Saril (Savil) Harden from William Hardy, Sr.

    At the request of Savel Harden this Deed was Recorded March 27, 1837 - This Indenture made this 30th day of August in the year of our Lord 1823 between William Hardy Sen. of Sommerset County & State of Pennsylvania of the one Part and Savel Harden of Allegany County and State of Maryland of the other part witnesseth that the Wm. Hardy for and in Consideration of the sum of one Hundred Dollars Current money of the United States to him in hand sell ...... to him the said Savel Haden his heirs ....all the ??? following tract or parcels of land to wit one Tract Called Chestnut Flat Cotained in the following ????? beginning at a bounded White Oak Standing ? West side of pine Mountain & running thence South forty five degrees east eighty perches orth, fifty degrees east thirty two perches North twenty five degrees west ...... to the begining Containing twenty Eight acres & three quarters of an acres also one other Tract of Land Called Bear Wallow Contained in the following courses & distances to wit Beginning at a Bounded Chesnut oak tree standing on the West Side of pine mountain about Twenty perches North & West from a Spring Known by the name of Bear Wallow & Running thence South Eighty degrees east Twenty perches north fifty five degrees ...... Containing Twenty Six and one half acres of Land.

    Be it remembered that on the 30th day of August in the year of our Lord 1823 personally appeared before us the Subscriber two Justices of the peace in & for Allegany County aforesaid Wm. Hardy Sen. party grantor in the above deed ..... Mentioned to be the right and estate of Savel Harden the party grentee also therein .... Taken and Confirmed by John Porter Peter McClary Nov 4, 1828 I sign my right & tithe & claim & interest of the said Lot land Called Bair Wallow to Sam'l Harden of Savel Harden.

    Witnessed by George Winters & John Borks & signed by Savil Jr(?) Harden (his mark).

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