East end of house on Michael Korns, Sr. farm, Somerset County, PA, showing presence of an addition, and showing several different widths of siding

Unusual timber on the house on Michael Korns, Sr. farm

This is an enlarged photo of the central vertical timber on the south side of the house. This beam is smooth and regular in shape near its base, but with clear irregularly-spaced hewing marks. Up further, it is still smooth and fairly regular, but the hew-like markings are regularly spaced; almost too evenly spaced to be hand-hewing. Above that, the beam is very rough and irregular in shape, and quite obviously hand-hewn. I don't know how this beam was smoothed where it appears regular. In any case, we can say that this central beam was not sawn its entire length, although part of the length may be sawn. Is it possible that the carriage track wasn't long enough to do the entire timber?

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