Index of photos of the Daniel Korns, Jr. Farm

Daniel Korns farm, Southampton Township, Somerset County, PA

The photographs listed below document the Southampton Township, Somerset County PA farm that was owned by Christian Sturtz, then by John Sturtz, then by Daniel Korns, Jr., then by John Wilson Korns, then by Allen Lester Korns, and now by one of Allen's sons. Click here to trace the ownership of the farm back to 1767.

In the book "The Genealogy of Michael Korns, Sr. of Somerset County Pennsylvania" by Charles Byron Korns, Sr., M.D., this farm is said to be the home of Daniel Korns, Sr; this is now proven by deed analysis to be incorrect.

Misc. photos of Daniel Korns, Jr. Farm
Photo of farm circa 1949 from the "Genealogy of Michael Korns, Sr."
Farm owned by Daniel Korns, Jr., Wilson Korns, and Allen Korns, as seen from Michael Korns, Sr. farm
The farm in winter, 1950, when owned by Allen Korns
Korns school in 1955
Photo of outbuilding on Allen Korns' farm that was destroyed by fire
Photo of the upper house on the Allen Korns farm
Photos of the sugar camp and maple syrup operations
Garage and sheds on Allen Korns farm, 1950's
2006 photo of the fence around the 9 acre field that was built by Nevin Korns
2006 photo of the upper fields
Allen Korns horses working in field
The Sturtz Cemetery
Allen Korns on Fordson Tractor, house in background
Allen Korns harvesting grain
Allen Korns tilling corn with daughter
Allen Korns' daughter on horseback, 1950
Allen Korns' sawmill
Moving Cattle to pasture on the Allen Korns farm
A load of logs for the sawmill
Estalene Korns in horse-drawn sleigh on her father Allen's farm, 1950

Older photos of the Danial Korns Jr. farmhouse
Photo of the house about the time it was owned by Wilson Korns
May 1925 Photo of Wilson Korns family home
Mrs. Wilson Korns, and road in front of their house
House of John Wilson "Wilse" Korns, Southampton Township
Korns house with schoolhouse debris circa 1937, when owned by Allen Korns
Inside the house Feb. 1954, when owned by Allen Korns
1940 photo of Leah Brightbil and Patty Akers in front of Allen Korns house
Photo of the house in winter, when owned by Allen Korns
Estalene Korns & Mildred Bittner in front of Allen Korns' house & "wood shed"
Estalene Kitchen-end of Allen Korns' house
The house, when owned by Allen Korns
Latticework on house, circa 1937, when owned by Allen Korns
Allen Korns' house, tractor, son, early 1950's

Korns farmhouse exterior construction details
Left-hand basement door
Basement bars
Right-hand basement door
Glazed brick chimney
Porch corner decoration
Porch post decoration
Window detail
Porch decoration
Bathroom window on garden-end of house
Garden-end of house
Attic windows on road end of house
Hand-hewn porch beams
Lattice under porch
Lightning rod
Porch beam detail
View under the porch
Porch door with cross & Bible construction
Post decoration
Basement stonework
Upper porch rail
Weather vane on house

2008 photographs of farmhouse basement
Water trough in basement
Coal furnace
Reciprocating saw marks
Basement steps
Basement photo showing floor beams, hook
Hand-wrought hinge used as heavy basement hook
Rock work in basement wall
Coal room in basement
Southeast corner of basement
West basement stairs
Canning shelves in basement

2008 photographs of farmhouse attic
Attic stairs
West end of attic
West end of attic
Roof supported by timber frame
Chimney and central partition
West end of attic
Timber frame construction in attic
Timber frame construction in attic

2008 photographs of farmhouse living quarters
Dining room door
Post-1830 door with nailed trim
Closet under the attic stairs
Under-stairs closet door
Faux woodgrain paint on trim
Upstairs bedroom door
Upstairs bedroom, west end of the house
East-end stairs, added in the 1950's
Glass fire extinguisher
Dining room
Downstairs hallway from dining room
Door latch and post-1830 door trim
Door, with enlargements of latch and trim
Upstairs window, lath detail with circular saw marks
Living room ceiling, with post circa 1883 nails
Un-milled door frame
Bedroom door at east end of central bedroom
Central stairway

Photos of stone smokehouse
Side of the smoke house remains, 2006
The front of the smoke house remains, 2003
The far-side and rear of the smokehouse remains, 2003
Early 1950's photo of Allen Korns' smokehouse
Mrs. Wilson Korns in front of smokehouse, little house
Photo of smokehouse and little house

Allen Korns Sugar Camp
1956 A. Korns sugar camp photo, outside
1956 A. Korns sugar camp photo, with steam
Inside the sugar camp with Allen and Gladys, 1956
Gathering sugar water in 1964 on the Korns farm
Allen Korns and his brother John Korns gathering sugar water (at tank)
Allen Korns and his brother John Korns gathering sugar water at tree
Gathering sugar water with horse-drawn tank
Gathering sugar water with tractor-drawn tank
Gladys (Bittner) Korns gathering sugar water

Barn photos
Somerset County barn built by Daniel Korns, Jr. that burned in 1923
Wilson Korns & threshing crew in front of Dan Korns, Jr. barn
1925 barn that burned in 1942
Constructing Wilson Korns' 1925 barn
Cattle in front of Wilson Korns 1925 barn
Allen & Lester Korns in front of Wilson Korns' 1925 barn
2006 photo of the “new“ barn
Photo of Allen Korns' milk barn
2003 photo of milk barn & milk house
2006 photo of the milk barn
Gladys Korns below the Allen Korns milk barn

1940's era construction of Allen Korns' "New Barn"
New barn construction photo 1 (97 KB)
New barn construction photo 2 (288KB)
New barn construction photo 3 (40KB)
New barn construction photo 4 (97KB)

Map & aerial photos of Daniel Korns, Jr. Farm
1936 & 1958 Aerial photos of Daniel Korns, Jr. Farm
1993 Aerial photo of Daniel Korns, Jr. Farm; 1 pixel = 1 meters
1993 Aerial photo of Daniel Korns, Jr. Farm; 1 pixel = 2 meters
Topographical map of Daniel Korns, Jr. Farm
1993 Aerial photo of Daniel Korns, Jr. Farm; 1 pixel = 4 meters
1993 Aerial photo of Daniel Korns, Jr. Farm; 1 pixel = 8 meters

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